Patriotic Camouflage Hats | Made in the USA

American-Made Camo Hats 

Our camo hats come in a wide variety of styles that will suit every possible look or need. One thing's for sure, though - you'll always feel a strong sense of pride for this great country when wearing one of these.

Key Features of Our Patriotic Camo Hats

  • We offer camo hats in a variety of styles, including camo trucker hats, Velcro enclosure caps, American flags, patch hats, and more.
  • Our hats make for fantastic range hats, especially since many of our styles have no button on the top, making them perfect for wearing ear protection or headphones.
  • All of our camo hats are hand-cut, sewn, and and built in the USA. When buying with us, you'll know you are buying a hat made from a true American small business.

What Types of Camo Options Do You Offer?

We've got hats in pretty much every type of camo style, including desert camo, Multicam, digital camo, tiger stripe, tropic camo, and more.

The History of Camouflage in the U.S.

Camouflage in the United States military dates all the way back to the 1898 Spanish-American War, even if it was in an unofficial capacity. In that conflict, the blue coats of U.S. troops were visible to snipers, so they smeared mud on their uniforms to blend in better in Cuba.

As warfare has evolved over the decades, so too has the United States' military uniforms. Plenty of research has gone into developing modern camo patterns on U.S. military uniforms, with the Operational Camouflage Pattern being the latest authorized camo style.