Returns & Exchanges


If you purchased on our website, all store credit, returns & exchanges are easily processed by clicking the link above.  All you need is your order number and shipping zip code!  Please do not send items back to our shop without going through the return app or speaking to us first, they will not be processed.

If you purchased through FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM, our online portal may not work for your order as Meta order numbers sometimes don't sync up.  If you have an issue, hit us up!  


  • (30 Days) Exchanges: We offer 1 free exchange.  We provide the label through the link above.  All exchanges have 30 days from the time tracking shows delivery.
  • (30 Days) Store Credit: We offer free returns for store credit, with a label provided at the link above.  If you choose the store credit option we tack on a bonus amount to use on the site.  All returns for store credit have 30 days to be initiated from the time tracking shows delivery. After this time period, customer is responsible for shipping.
  • (30 Days) Refunds: We offer full refunds (not initial shipping) for customers so long as items are brand new unworn per details below. Customer covers shipping for standard returns.  All refunds must be initiated within 30 days of delivery confirmation by emailing us at   Anything outside of 30 days can only receive store credit.
  • Damaged product / wrong item sent: Please contact us at the support email above.  In rare cases like this, we want to get more details from you so we can do audits internally and catch potential issues.  If it's our bad, we always take care of you and make it right.


Returns will be processed within 5 days (usually sooner) of delivery confirmation to our shop.  We will review each item, ensure it's like new, free of any odor, and unworn.  Once the item has been approved, we will process the request.


  • Garment has any odors.  Perfume, deodorant, home air fresheners, steak dinners, pets, BO, cigarettes, gun powder, whiskey, etc.  We suggest trying on the item then storing back in the protective bag.  No exceptions to this.
  • Garment has any pet hair.  Please keep this in mind when trying on and storing until sent back for a return or exchange.  
  • Signs of wash or wear.  We have tags that show if an item is washed or worn longer than a try on.  We can't accept these back if this is indicated on the garment.
  • Sent back disrespectfully.  Just fold it nice, don't ball it up, place it in a protective bag (yes a plastic grocery bag even works), then place it in the box or shipping bag to send back.  All hats must be in a box, maintaining their shape, like you received them.

Just be respectful to us as a small business trying to survive in this world, and we'll take care of you!  We always do, we always have, it's what we are known for, for over a decade.