How We Do Business



My item is messed up:  We take pride in our products.  If you find a hole (one that wasn't caused by scissors opening the box or package), a bad seam, or something unravels after a wash, please let us know.  We will replace it.  This shouldn't happen, but sometimes it just does.  When things are hand sewn, there is human error, and we are glad to fix that.

How we test items:  We test everything we sell.  We wear it, wash it, roll around in it,  and document our findings.  We won't sell something on our site we wouldn't personally wear ourselves.  



Turn around:  So many companies take too long to get your order out.  An online order shouldn't take but 24 hours to get out the door.  Usually we ship same day if ordered by 2:00pm.  Sometimes we get super busy and it may take an extra day to get orders out the door, but only on big sale weekends.  We are closed on the weekend.

Rates:  Our shipping rates show up AFTER you enter your address in checkout.  This is done because our carriers use this info to calculate the rate, no guessing. We don't set the rates, USPS and UPS do.

Ship Times:  The "days to ship" estimates you see with shipping choices, those are just that, estimates.  We all know USPS doesn't have the best reputation, so keep that in mind.  It's not abnormal for the estimate to take longer than what it shows.  We don't control the estimated time of delivery, it's posted there directly from UPS and USPS.  All estimated ship times BEGIN when the package is scanned in at a UPS or USPS distribution center, not from when you place the order.

Customer Service:

What if I have a problem:  We have been a company now for over a decade, why, because we take care of people.  Sure there are some "rules" we have to follow to protect us as a company, but we don't leave you hanging.  If you have an issue, you can get a quick response from or you can email the owner and he'll answer as well, maybe a tad slower.

Lost Packages by Carrier: 

What if my package is lost:  If you have tracking show delivered, but nothing is on your porch, here is the process.  Sorry we had to tighten this up, our kind hearts were abused many times. 

  • Customer connect with USPS / UPS with tracking
  • Check with your neighbors
  • 7-10 day wait period (they often just "show up").
  • After this, we will resend the order or offer a gift card
  • Refunds are only an option with a stolen package police report, proof of ring camera footage, or products returned new unworn.

Fine I'll just cancel the charge on my card:  Please don't go down this path without working with us first.  Proof of delivery in tracking is all the bank needs side with the retailer and you end up getting hit with that fee.  

Returns / Exchanges:

How do I return / exchange:  We've got this cool little app that handles most situations automatically.  It makes life easy for everyone.  It's at the link here Returns & Exchanges.

Why so harsh on the condition of returned items:  I'd say this is pretty standard.  If you want to return something, it's got to be brand spanking new, unworn.  If we smell you, deodorant, perfume, or your dinner, we will just send it right back and charge the card on file for additional shipping.  Same goes for pet hair. You'd be amazed what we were getting sent back.  By returning something, you've got to agree to the above.


We use the Shopify platform.  They take security very seriously.  All transactions are done on secure servers owned by Google, Shopify, Apple, Meta, or PayPal.   Security is #1 these days!

Your Information:

We only use your information to email you about sales, promotions, new products, or just a general email to say thank you.  We only do the things in the previous sentence if you approve of it.  If you choose to not accept our emails, we don't send them to you.  We also would NEVER give your info away to anyone.