About The Brand

Red White Blue Apparel is a small outfit located in Columbia Station, Ohio.  The owner is a patriotic guy named Jake who grew up outside Cleveland.  Husband, dad to three kids, and son of a Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran.

Our company makes it a point to produce our products using small businesses, locally and across the country.  Every item on our site is cut & sewn from rolls of fabric, then decorated, here in the USA, by American workers.  Every aspect of our process contributes to the American economy, creating jobs here in this great country.

We started out in 2012 packing orders from two plastic tubs in my apartment, moved to an attic, then to a bedroom, then to a warehouse, and finally to our HQ in Columbia Station, where we purchased a property to become the home for RWB going forward. 

Success isn't about the thickness of your wallet, it's about the size of the impact you leave on society, it's about being driven for a cause that is far greater than yourself.  We are driven to design products that speak loudly to the individual who never quits the fight and lives for liberty and freedom.

Our goal is simple.  When you look in the mirror wearing one of our products, we want you to feel empowered, motivated, and as if you can overcome any hurdle you may have in your life.  We all have a battle to fight, all of us.  Never quit the fight.

Jake - Founder RWB Apparel