Come and Take It Shirts Made in the USA

A well-regulated militia is a collection of civilians that is organized, trained, and understanding of their obligation as American citizens. In this country, it is our duty to preserve the constitutional structure laid out for us to remain free.

But there are people and politicians out there who want to try and restrict that freedom. It’s not just about guns, though. That’s where these critics are wrong about us. It’s about what that gun represents. It’s about a long lineage of patriotic Americans passing the torch to the next generation, with that generation accepting the responsibility of simply “being ready.” Just being ready is enough to make evil think twice, and has been for centuries.

We are the responsible men and women who understand that any form of aggression or violence is the absolute last resort, and to avoid it however possible.

This is the United States. This country was founded on and shaped by the notion of freedom, and we won’t let anyone take that away without a fight.

Come and take it.

Features of Our Come and Take It Tees

  • All of our Come and Take It apparel - hats, tees, hoodies, and more - was manufactured and designed right here in the USA; we pride ourselves on working with American businesses and helping to employ U.S. workers

  • Our designs include a variety of Second Amendment shirts, the Gadsden Flag, and more

  • T-shirts are made from a 50/50 poly cotton blend