Women's Boyfriend Fit Shirts Made in the USA

Patriotic Boyfriend Fit Shirts for Women

Our women's boyfriend fit shirts are just that, the comfort and fit of stealing your significant other's favorite shirt! Every time I'm digging through my drawer looking for my favorite comfortable American-made tee, guess who has it on!

Features of Our Short-Sleeve Boyfriend Fit Tees

The Fit: These shirts are a unisex fit. They are meant to be loose in the sleeves, a boxier fit, and with a standard crew neck, lending itself to a variety of different styling options. Basically exactly how you want a comfortable shirt to fit.

What customers say: We rarely get returns or exchanges on our boyfriend fit tees. When we do, it's in the larger sizes and often because they are bigger than expected. Ten years of data shows roughly 98% of buyers agree this shirt is true to size and love it!

Where it's made: Our boyfriend fit apparel, like all our patriotic clothing, is all made here in the USA. We weave our fabric in America, dye it, cut it, sew it, print it, and ship it all here in the United States.

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