Defending The American Flag

This was refreshing to see...
Protestors at the University of North Carolina, the same people chanting "Death to America", attempted to rip down an American Flag earlier this week.  Several Pi Kappa Phi fraternity brothers stood in the way, defending the flag, while taking hits from protestors throwing objects at them.  These MEN protected our American Flag from these anti-American domestic terrorists, who were attempting to disrespect it.  This is what real men do, men of value.  It was so refreshing to see.
First point to clarify, I've gotten a lot of lip back from people I know for calling these protestors "domestic terrorists".  I don't care, I said what I said, and will keep saying it.  Anyone displaying hostility towards other Americans, chanting "Death to America", and trying to deface our American Flag, I mean, what else WOULD we call them?  
What's refreshing to see is this.  In an environment that breeds socialist ideals and is a magnet for protests aligning with anti-American ideals, people still exist who do "what's right".  People were willing to stand up to an angry mob and protect something out of respect to what it stands for.  Out of respect to people who lost their lives for it, sacrificed for it, and currently fight for it.  I saw good parents who behind the scenes raised their kids up right.  The examples set around them since they were kids led them to recognize a moment where they had to choose between right and wrong, and they nailed it. 
This further aligns with what I always like to preach.  Be the example to those closest to you, kids especially.  They are always watching and molding their behavior around those they most idolize.  So be their idol.  Be a strong mom and a superhero dad.  Don't allow them to seek guidance elsewhere for how they should shape their ideals and morals.  One day they will be the defining moment some place, some where, when it comes to right and wrong.
Good for you dudes at Pi Kappa Phi.
- Jake - 

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