Evil Is Powerless When The Good Are Unafraid

It seems we can’t walk a hundred yards these days without evil showing its ugly face, in some form or another.  It’s everywhere, more than ever before, and it shows itself differently than we traditionally would think.  

Evil has found its way into every day “things”.  It has become some “thing”, rather than some ONE.  Of course it’s all based off evil people with selfish motives, but they hide themselves behind a mask of “things”.  Things that present themselves in our daily lives.  Things that we grew up with, things that once meant something to us.  

From the infiltration into politics, schools, and entertainment to now being presented to our kids in toys, global brands, and streaming platforms, it feels like you can’t even drink a beer anymore without some agenda being tied to it.  

Evil is the intentional harm of another or selfish fulfillment with no regard to how it affects another.  The problem with evil today is the subliminal approach it takes on us.  It’s covert and multiplies quickly.  It pretends to be the majority by threatening the voice of those who oppose it.  

The root of evil has done a good job of camouflaging itself.  When it finally gets uncovered, it moves to a new host, leaving the last one in shambles, picking up the pieces.  We’ve seen this in entertainment, light beer, kids books, and so on.  It’s almost as if it’s goal is to emotionally detach us from things we associated with American, or American culture.  Leave us feeling like everything worth fighting for is a thing of the past.  As if we are the ones who need to change.

I fear a lot of folks want to stand up to evil but run into one of two things.  The juice isn’t worth the squeeze and they stand to lose too much.  Whether it be reputation, jobs, or fiscal penalties, they keep quiet out of preservation.  On the other side, there are folks who want to stand up but have no clue where to start.  How does one stand up to a song or TV show?  Simply not watching or listening isn’t it.  Evil can’t be confronted until it’s at the root and enough people do it.

This takes me to a quote.  One we put on a new shirt, we liked it so much.  “Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid”.  Reagan said it.  Good is contagious.   But it needs to be seen in order to spread.  We changed the "if" to "when" because America standing up to this evil isn't a matter of if, it's a matter of when.  When it comes to defending our liberty, our way of life, there is no "if".

The problem today is ,“good” is suppressed.  Positive stories about people doing what’s right seem missing in the nightly news and on our newsfeeds.  It’s because “good” is contagious.  That’s one contagion they don’t want spreading.  With the odds against it, the only way to spread “good” is by overwhelming the system, so it can’t be ignored.

Be the example that others see.  If something doesn’t seem right, question it, say “hell no you won’t”.  Good being unafraid will spread by example.  When this happens evil can’t win.  It’s got no place to go or hide.  Once the layers get peeled back one by one, we’ll see who’s behind it.

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