Question Everything | Our Duty As Americans was March 20th, 2020

It’s our job…

"It’s the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority”.

Ben Franklin is said to have made that quote. It’s a powerful one, especially these past few years.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost a lot of trust the last 3-4 years. It seems that everywhere you turn for information, that information is compromised because of a damn agenda, somewhere. There are motives at every level, in every layer, and none of them seem to be in our best interest.

For me, it started back in 2020 when the Ohio governor told us whether or not we were “essential”, shut our businesses down. I questioned that, I made the decision based on available data that was best for me and my family, and we stayed open. We made it work.

Why was it ok for a big box store to host thousands a day, but we couldn’t go to work, two of us in a warehouse? Since then, it seems we are questioning things on a daily basis.

As American’s, it’s our job. It’s our responsibility. We the people are all that stands between “leaders” and total tyranny.

Questioning, the simplest form of rebellion, keeps an agenda in check. It maintains a healthy balance of law and liberty. It’s our job as Americans. We’ve overcome a lot as a country, it all stems from a questioning majority overwhelming the agendas of a few.

We can’t let people with self fulfilling agendas smother us with propaganda, restricting our individual liberty, all while enhancing their status in society.

Since that experience in 2020, I’ve lost all trust in everything. I question everything. I quietly did prior to this, but now it’s a duty to question and be vocal about it. 

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