What If My Package Is Lost / Stolen?

We get it, stuff happens, packages get lost and things can get stolen.  We've seen it a lot over this past decade plus we've been around.  We are pretty good about working with you, there are just some mandatory steps we have to take.  Remember, please don't get mad at us, we didn't lose your package!
My package tracking just stopped updating:  
This usually means it's lost in transit.  We give it 5-7 days to see if it updates again, if not, we'll send it again or provide store credit to the site.  Usually the item shows up, we love it if you let us know, if that ever happens.  We'll provide a label to send it back to us.
It says delivered, but isn't here:  
This becomes a you and the carrier thing.  From what we see, it was delivered.  That is all we have to go by.  We ask that you contact the carrier and try to figure out where it went.  Sometimes it's on a neighbors porch, in a mail room, or the driver scanned it before they actually attempted to deliver.  We see that giving it time, it shows up one way or another, in most cases.  We can send something again, but have to wait 10 days before doing so.  We do not refund orders that show delivery confirmation.
My package was stolen:
We are happy to try and send it again.  We just need a copy of the police report or ring camera footage of the scumbag who stooped so low to steal a package off your porch.  Too many have taken advantage of this, we had to tighten up the policy in a drastic fashion.
I didn't get my confirmation or tracking:
Our system automatically sends out confirmation emails and emails with shipping info.  Sometimes customers don't realize it, but they didn't enter an email address.  The system attempts to text this information to the phone number provided.  We often times see people with Gmail addresses get directed to spam or junk folders.  This has been an issue for years.  Support is happy to send that info again!