Blemished Mystery Trucker Hat Made In USA

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These are blemished hats.  No returns or exchanges.  Mystery hat, could be anything but I promise it's a trucker!

These hats have imperfections, we pick them out of inventory when we see them, and try not to send them out to you!  Instead of tossing them, we put them on the site super cheap.  Examples of blemishes include: 

Dented structured front panels, off center decorations, off center visors, imperfections in sweatbands, off color from site images.  There will not be any defects that make the hat unwearable.  

  • All hats are trucker style hats
  • Front panels are structured
  • Snap enclosure
  • Higher in profile
  • Usually a button on top.

We ship our hats in a solid box, so no worries about it getting crushed in shipping.